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View our data online, download via links. 


We use PlanetScope imagery to map billions of trees across the globe at 3-m resolution. The tree explorer is continuously updated, the material is still experimental: here you can follow how our maps are developing and improving.

The tree explorer also includes billions of farmland trees in India and Africa, each year 2018-2022. See the paper describing the method in Nature Sustainability here, and download the data for India here.


Here we use Gaofen-2 images to map trees in China at 0.8 m resolution, currently 20 billion.

Screenshot from 2024-01-18 09-51-09.png

Hundreds of thousands of Maxar images were used to map the biomass of 15 billion trees in the Sahel. Published in Nature. Download data via this link.

Tree level biomass Sahel

Screenshot from 2024-01-18 09-44-21.png

PlanetScope based canopy height map at 3-m resolution. Published in Science Advances: Download data at 30-m via this link. Contact us for the 3-m data.

Canopy height and biomass in Europe

Screenshot from 2024-01-18 10-03-26_edited_edited.jpg

Tree level biomass change Rwanda

Millions of trees were mapped both in 2008 and 2019, changes were assessed at the tree-level. Published in Nature Climate Change and Communications Earth & Environment.

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