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Code frameworks

Here are some of our frameworks, ready to be used.

Tree Counting, Crown Segmentation and Height Prediction at Scale

Sizhuo's framework also includes a trained model.

Link to Github

Paper in PNAS Nexus


Canopy height from PlanetScope

Siyu's code for predicting canopy height from PlanetScope images trained with airborne lidar.

Link to Zenodo

Paper in Science Advances


Tree crown segmentation framework

This is the code from Ankit and Sizhuo for our study published in Nature segmenting tree crowns in the Sahel and Sahara. It can be used for any kind of high-resolution images.

Link to Zenodo

Link to paper in Nature


PlanetScope image download

This is Florian's simplified framework for downloading PlanetScope raw scenes for an area of interest. All scenes within a date window and following filtering criteria will be downloaded.

Link to Zenodo

Link to paper in Nature Communications

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