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A small selection of media articles of our work. Not frequently updated.

The Hindu

Nearly 6 million trees disappeared from farmlands in three years, says satellite mapping study

The Guardian

One, two, tree: how AI helped find millions of trees in the Sahara


Der Traum von der großen grünen Mauer

The Conversation

How we mapped billions of trees in West Africa using satellites, supercomputers and AI

BBC news

Climate change: Amazon regions emit more carbon than they absorb

Der Spiegel

Amazonas-Regenwald stößt derzeit mehr CO₂ aus, als er absorbiert

The Guardian

Brazilian Amazon released more carbon than it absorbed over past 10 years

El Pais

El Sáhara esconde millones de árboles solitarios

The Economist

Arid areas have more trees than previously thought


Danske forskere finder overraskelse i Sahara

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