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Selected Publications


An unexpectedly large count of trees in the West African Sahara and Sahel

Nature, 2020

Image by David Geere

Carbon loss from forest degradation exceeds that from deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Nature Climate Change, 2021

Image by Lingchor

Satellite-observed pantropical carbon dynamics

Nature Plants, 2019


Reduction of tree cover in West African woodlands and promotion in semi-arid farmlands

Nature Geoscience, 2018

Image by Ramin Khatibi

Satellite passive microwaves reveal recent climate-induced carbon losses in African drylands

Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2018


Forest management in southern China generates short term extensive carbon sequestration

Nature Communications, 2020


Increased vegetation growth and carbon stock in China karst via ecological engineering

Nature Sustainability, 2018

Image by Nadiya Ploschenko

Ecosystem structural changes controlled by altered rainfall climatology in tropical savannas

Nature Communications, 2019

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky

Human population growth offsets climate-driven increase in woody vegetation in sub-Saharan Africa

Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2017

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